Tiny, yet full of protein and vitamins
Wolffia is the new delicacy from Southeast Asia. It’s small, green, has a pleasant salad taste and a crispy "caviar" texture.
The smallest, yet the healthiest vegetable on planet Earth
Wolffia contains plenty of quality protein, B12 vitamin, mineralsand other nutrients
Easy to cook
Wolffia can be added to any dishes thanks to its convenient size and neutral taste. It does not need to be cleaned or further processed before serving
From traditions to technologies
In Southeast Asia, wolffia is grown in water ponds. We learned how to do it on a high-tech farm anywhere in the world
what is wolffia
100g of Wolffia = A box of Vegetables
Vitamin B12
9 large eggs
Vitamin A
4 baby carrots
2 stalks of celery
1 cup of Green Pea
2 cups of chopped tomato
2 small sweet potatoes
3 cups of broccoli
2 cups of spinach
1 cup of soy milk
2 cups of Kale
Fresh Wolffia
how to use:
  • Salad greenery
  • Side dish and decoration for serving
  • Base for drinks and sauces
Dry Wolffia
how to use:
  • Baking base
  • Matcha alternative
  • Spice
Functional ingredients for the 21st Century
Healthy alternative to animal protein
Containing 19 essential amino acids that the human body needs
our products
Eco-friendly high quality plant protein
It is eaten in all known ways: fresh, boiled, fried and many others
food manufactures
Improve your sustainability.
Utilize CO2
Surprise your customers. Diversify the menu
Eco-benefit and careful resources usage
wolffia for business
Sushi roll with wolffia
Soup with wolffia
Bruschetta with wolffia
Wolffia seafood dish in restaurant
Organic salad with wolffia
Wolffia seafood dish haute cousine
Wolffia seafood dish haute cousine
New tasty ingridient in your menu
Wolffia banana smoothie
Wolffia pasta
Wolffia ramen
Wolffia veggie burger
One ingredient, multiple solutions
Biotech company with global impact
About us
We are a Singaporean company, starting in Asia, and within 3 years we will start distributing our technology through partners around the world
about us
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